We’ve taken time to provide answers to some of the questions, concerns and worries some of our clients have had about Kubeconcepts.

We are Port Harcourt Kube Loans and Savings Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited (“The Cooperative” or “Kube Cooperative”).

We have been operating since August 2019.

The minimum amount that a member can save with the cooperative is the sum of one hundred thousand Naira only (N100,000.00)

Yes, a member can hold as many savings accounts with the cooperative as possible.

Yes! While filling the online savings registration form, you will be required to read and electronically agree/sign the terms of your savings with the cooperative. By doing so, you will automatically sign your approval note, which shall be further signed by the authorised signatory for the cooperative. The approval note to be sent to you when your savings is approved by the cooperative will contain your electronic signature/approval which is in the form of a legally binding memorandum of understanding between yourself and the cooperative.

  1. Going to our website;
  2. Showing intention of joining the cooperative;
  3. Indicating that you desire to either save or obtain a loan from the cooperative;
  4. Selecting your desired product/service;
  5. Paying the required registration fee;
  6. Filling an online registration form; and
  7. Agreeing to the terms and conditions.

As a member, you can either save money, or at the absolute discretion of the management committee of the cooperative society, obtain a loan. When you save with the cooperative, you will receive monthly returns on savings (ROS), depending on your total contribution amount and the terms of your savings approval note.

Your savings is safe. We have put various measures in place to ensure that in the event of any mishap your funds will be duly returned to you.

Yes! We have all the necessary information on our website and literature. Feel free to book an appointment to speak with our representatives. Email and call lines are at the bottom of this page.

Yes, we do. All our locations are listed at the bottom of this page. Feel free to email or call to book an appointment to meet with any of our staff.

Our savings plans run for a minimum duration of six (6) months.

At the end of the term of the agreement/approval note. See more on our "Products/Services" page.

No, you do not.

Yes. Should you choose to liquidate your money before maturity time, there are penalties as indicated in your agreement/approval note.

We do not allow top-ups. Any new savings input will be counted as a new savings account and will be treated according to the appropriate rates and terms.

Yes of course! All savings will be paid out at the end of the agreement duration. You can then decide to save it afresh if you so wish to.

The cooperative is allowed by law to carry out different business activities that yield excellent returns with which it pays its members returns on savings.

You can request to renew your savings, and this is also subject to a renewal of your agreement/approval note on savings with us. Contact us for more information.

No, you cannot.

The cooperative bears all the risks and it will pay all your savings back to you within reasonable time.

While we strongly believe that there will be no negative eventualities, we want you to rest assured that we shall keep to our business bargains, knowing that you are not dealing with an individual but an organization. We have put together a team of professionals and a top-notch system, coupled with proper strategies and risk management practices in place to always ensure the security of your savings.