We’ve taken time to provide answers to some of the questions, concerns and worries some of our clients have had about Kubeconcepts.

Kubeconcepts is a registered forex training outfit, set out with the aim of equipping our students and subscribers with all that is required to launch and sustain a profitable and sustainable career in the Forex market.

While we have traders and analysts who have been in the forex career for more than 15 years, we began this structure in August, 2019. 

Several financial organizations have attempted to and have promised financial freedom – and its other synonyms – to people over the years. However, due to the unpredictability of the economic space and issues bothering on management and integrity; many have been unable to keep their words. While we acknowledge the unpredictability of the financial market; we still believe that everyone deserves to enjoy financial freedom. Hence, we came up with an opportunity for everyone to earn securely through our training and trading activities. Here at Kubeconcepts, you are our surety and as long as you are here; we won’t stop delivering.

The minimum amount to be made available by the financier is six thousand Naira only (6,000NGN)

Yes, you can hold as many accounts with Kubeconcepts as possible.

Returns on credit facilities (ROCF) made available are paid to the account indicated by the financier on our financiers' form. Returns are paid monthly on the same day corresponding to the date of payment for 5 months subsequent to when payment was made.

Yes! There is a legally binding memorandum of understanding to which you will have to consent on our online form.

You can become a financier by making your payment using the provided platforms, filling an online registration form, and agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Returns on your capital, between 5% and 20 % per month depending on your total amount.

Your capital is safe. We have put various measures in place to ensure that in the event of any mishap your capital will be duly returned to you.

Yes! We have all the necessary information on our website and literature. Feel free to book an appointment to speak with our representatives. Email and call lines are at the bottom of this page.

All our locations are listed at the bottom of this page. Feel free to email or call to book an appointment to meet with any of our officers or agents.

Our plans run for a minimum duration of 5 months. However, if you do choose to liquidate your money before maturity time, there are penalties as listed in the agreement.

Yes. Returns are paid in 5 instalments (monthly) on the capital amount.

5 months from the date of registration. See more on our "Credit Facilities" page.

6 months. See more on our "plans" page.

No, you don’t.

Yes, you would because you're breaching the initial agreement by liquidating. A fee of 10% on the total amount being liquidated is charged if less than two months into the agreement and 20% if two months or more.

We do not allow top-ups. Any new input will be counted as a new account and will be treated according to the appropriate rates.

Yes of course! By default, all capital will be paid out at the end of the duration. You can decide to continue or not.

We carry out trading activities amongst others. 

Yes, there are. However, Kubeconcepts will not be liable for any marketing endeavours of anyone. Also, as at the time of answering this question, we do not have any affiliate marketers, hence marketing activities will not be done as representatives of Kubeconcepts but will rather be the individual’s sole responsibility. We only deal directly with whom we have an agreement – validated by payment into our provided accounts and registration into our database.

Yes, you can – subject to a renewal of your agreement with us. Do note however, that, terms and conditions apply and rollover is subject to probable occasional reviews.

Yes, you can. Each unpaid interest is returned as a fresh capital, all of which also yield interests which would be collated and paid together at the end of the agreement.

Like every other business or career ventures, the Forex market is really risky and sometimes unpredictable; this does not make it a scam. On the contrary, Forex is a very profitable and recognized financial market in which when one trades with understanding and minimized risk, one can get massive profits.

The Forex trading arm of Kubeconcepts Forex. This implies that you can regard yourself as a third-party trader.

While we strongly believe and hope that there will be none; we want you to rest assured knowing that you are not dealing with an individual but a corporate organization. In the case of eventualities; there is a team and a system in place to address your concerns.

With the strategies and risk management practices at Kubeconcepts Forex, we are able to make x times the amount of capital each financier makes available to us. The Forex market is risky but it can be highly profitable.

Kubeconcepts bears all the risks and you can expect your capital in reasonable time in any case.