The Kubeconcepts referral program is designed to reward members who bring in NEW clients to the company.

Up until now, we have been heeding requests from individuals asking for bonus on multiple accounts of their referred member, BUT that will no longer be the case.

Referral Bonus will only be paid on NEW member accounts being registered.
Old members with previously registered accounts, will no longer qualify for referral bonuses on their new accounts. In other words, so long as an individual or company’s name and details are in our system, any other account created by them will not qualify for the referral bonus payment.



1. SELF REFERRAL is not allowed. You can not refer yourself to the company.
2. Proper identification should be uploaded for ALL accounts being created both for individuals and companies. The accepted documents are International Passport, National ID, Voters Card, Drivers License, CAC certificate of Incorporation, and Birth Certificate for Children below 15 years of age.
3. The Referrer’s name indicated on the form is what will be honored, so long as its not a self referral. Any mixup with this will be settled by the parties involved and not the company.
4. While we acknowledge the possibility of human error, entering wrong information on the form should be avoided.
5. The referral section should be left blank when registering another account in your name.
6. Referral Bonus will NOT BE paid to unregistered referrers.


A) Ensure that you follow up your NEW CLIENT till he/she fills the form and gets an acknowledgement mail. This is your duty.

B) Please confirm that your client made payment through the WEBSITE, filled the form with correct details and put in a clear proof of payment.

C) Also ensure that Payment is duly completed before the form is filled and submitted.

D) If you are making payment on behalf of your referral, the narration should contain the Name of the Person payment is being made for.

E) When creating an account on behalf of your referral, the individual creating the account must be named and his/her/its proof of ID provided.
This is in line with our Know-Your-Customer policy as a company. However, the other details can be yours depending on your personal arrangements.

Having done all of the above and your bonus is delayed beyond the confirmation window, kindly send a whatsapp message to/or call 08168169067.

Thank you and Happy Referring.